Leaving Neverland

Did anyone catch Leaving Neverland last week? Well, I did and boy, oh boy… it really made me think. First off, I’m not a huge fan of Michael Jackson, and I didn’t have any preconceived notions before watching. I do think having a documentary that focuses on the alleged victims is okay. I mean, I think we heard Jackson tell his side of the story over and over through out the years, so why can’t these guys?

So for those of you who haven’t watched the documentary, Michael Jackson allegedly abused these two men when they were little kids. Like super little. One was seven when the abuse started and the other was ten. They said Jackson basically groomed them and their families. He threw his money around like the celebrity he was while at the same time portraying himself as a very lonely individual with no real friends. He also got in with the families of the two boys by telling them that he loved being around them (spending the night in one boy’s house, and inviting the other’s family to Neverland Ranch).

So after listening to these guys and their families, I have to say, it really looked like Jackson abused them. Either that or he was the dumbest man on the planet, because who thinks it’s ok to have these kinds of friendships with little boys? And why, oh why did he put himself in a position to be perceived as an abuser not once but twice? I’m just saying, if you’re a grown person who makes the mistake of putting yourself in a position where you can even be perceived as doing something with kids, well then, try not doing that again. Try not stating to reporters that there’s nothing unnatural with a grown man sleeping in the same bed with little boys. Why couldn’t he be like: you know what? You’re right, I’m not going to do that again, and then never be alone with anyone else’s kids again.

And really, what is Neverland Ranch? What does it represent? Is it really a home constructed by a man who didn’t have a childhood? Or was it a large playground to groom parents and children.

Which possibility makes the most sense to you?



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