Book 2 Release: Dead Woman’s Curse

Hello everyone!

It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve updated, but I’ve got good news! Book 2 is complete and all digital formats will be available on May 30th! The pre-order copy is now available in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kubo, Smashwords, and iBooks.

The print copy is in the works, and I will be sure to provide an update for when it’s available as well!

Below is the blurb!

Melanie Mendez has done the impossible: survived the Eighth Clan’s deadly plot. But now that she’s home, things have only gotten more complicated. Descendants want retribution for those who were lost during the Agora — and among the clans, the blame for that has fallen squarely on Mel. To make matters worse, she now finds she’s losing herself bit by bit: her memory, her sanity, and even her autonomy.

Meanwhile a new darkness, living and breathing, has found its way into the thick of Kale territory, leaving a trail of blood and fury in its wake. Mel’s brothers, Gabe and Victor, are hunting it, but can they track it down, and even if they do… can they stop it? Or will chaos descend across the land?

I will for sure keep you all updated in all things Book 2 related!

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