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Summer Update

Hi Everyone! I’m a bit of a late updating this month. I usually try to post something a bit earlier, but life has been busy! Well, busy doing everything but writing. But! I have been thinking about some really cool ideas for book two rewrites–so there’s that. I’m actually excited because it’s going to clean up a portion of the story that I wasn’t quite happy with, and I actually could not stop thinking about–so yes! It’s going to make the story flow so much better.

Anyway, other than that, the day job has me beat. And the time I’m not there, I’ve been using to decompress with family hanging out watching Ted Lasso! Ya’ll seen that? It’s good. Best comedy I’ve seen in awhile. And I’m a softy for movies where they transplant an optimistic, lovable American into some other country, and Jason Sudeikis nails it.

Oh, I saw Suicide Squad, too, on HBO Max. It was pretty good! Gory, but good. If you didn’t like the first one, you should give this one a chance, it is definitely better. And way more outlandish, but in the best way. In a fun way.

Well, I think that’s it from me this month. Keeping it short and sweet. Well, shorter.

Have a great one!

Norseman and their Gods

I have a confession. I’ve become addicted to Vikings. The series is on Hulu, and I haven’t been able to watch anything else. I’ve actually been meaning to watch it for a few years, but I always ended up getting distracted with other shows, but after watching a few episodes, I realized I really should’ve given this show a chance a long time ago.

What’s so great about this show is that it focuses a lot on Norse mythology, and to be honest, before watching the show, I hadn’t been exposed much to Vikings and their beliefs. I also had preconceived notions that because the show was on the History channel, that it was going to be more of a historical show and wouldn’t delve into fantasy elements. This was completely inaccurate of me.

From the first episode, Ragnar has a dream about a large battle where he sees Odin and Valkyries bringing fallen men to Valhalla. Somehow Ragnar interprets this dream as a reason to raid west when all raids to this point had been to the east. So from the very first, its apparent that the Gods will play a huge role in how Ragnar and other Vikings live their lives.

Other positives about the show is that it’s extremely fast paced with plenty of action. If you love period dramas with a little bit of fantasy than this is the show for you. And if you still need convincing to give it a try–my dad watches it, and he doesn’t watch anything.