Super Bowl Sunday

Ya’ll know what today is?? That’s right! It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Get your pizza, wings, and hotdogs! Cause I think it’s going to be a good one.

I’m going for the Rams ’cause I like Jared Goff–he was my QB this year for Fantasy Football, and he usually scored me some beaucoup points. He’s also the underdog, I think. Brady and the Patriots are vets, and have the experience compared to the very young Goff and Co.

My younger brother is going for the Pats because he didn’t like the non-call that got the Rams into the Super Bowl, and basically believes a championship ring has been stolen from Drew Brees, but hey! The Rams didn’t ref the game, you know? They can’t help that.

It should make for a fun game to watch ’cause the rest of my family is going for the Rams, so I’m sure there will be some back and forth the entire game. Trash talk is a must, people!

The only bummer–I like to BBQ, but there’s a misty rain here in SA, and I don’t feel like firing up the grill. So no burgers for us, and the hot dogs are going in the steamer.

So anyway, go Rams!! I hope ya’ll enjoy the game.

Fantasy Football – it’s coming…

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I’m a middle child. I have two brothers, one older and one younger. We’re all pretty close, and the one thing we need to participate in every year is fantasy football.

Now fantasy football is one of those things that you either understand or you don’t. I’ve met so many people that are in love with it, that their need to play is as strong as my own. And yet, I meet others that believe it’s a colossal waste of time. Well I’m here to tell those people: It is a waste of time–a delightful waste of time. I mean, what are you going to do on a Sunday and Monday anyway? And Thursday is a throw-away day too. It’s not like it’s a Friday.

Now I only play NFL Fantasy Football. Some folks play NCAA Fantasy Football too. That’s some hardcore stuff, because the games are held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So if you are married to someone who plays fantasy for both the NFL and NCAA, well, I’m sorry for you. Go with God. He will hear your prayers about your absent spouse.

But to be fair, if you’re playing fantasy football you don’t have to watch the games your players are playing in. But you will. Oh yes, you will.

You will be flipping the channels back and forth between CBS, Fox, and the NFL channel trying to stay current with all your players that are playing simultaneously, annoying everyone watching TV with you until the remote control is forced out of your hand. You will be relegated to trying to watch the games on your phone or eyeballing the live update on you ESPN Fantasy app. Wanting, praying, desiring your players to score. And when they do, it’s pure elation. The purest.

So that brings me to last aspect of fantasy football. It’s addicting. Winning is addicting. Blowing out your opponent on a Sunday so much you know they have no chance of winning even though they have two players playing on Monday. Or bragging to the losers after winning a prop bet. Going to work or the gym the day after and tormenting your league-mates with your winning score–all of it, it’s addicting. It will make you crazy. Crazy for football.

I hope some of you join me in the craziness. Let’s have fun and enjoy ourselves. Cause fantasy football is coming. As a matter of fact, it’s almost here.